The body isn’t programmed to lose muscle mass, but it is programmed to balance capability with need. Because skeletal muscle is the most calorifically demanding body tissue, the body sheds it if it isn’t being used. Exercise can stop this decline and indeed reverse it – but it has to be the right kind of exercise of course.

Unfortunately typical exercise routines don’t rebuild muscle. Steady state low impact exercises like elliptical or step machines require practice to do correctly, but can’t fatigue your muscles adequately to stimulate the growth response; nor can high impact steady state exercises like running. Your body does get more efficient at the activity because of practice, and that feels like “getting fitter”, but the muscles stay much the same, and the impact on your joints can be significantly bad. And explosive activities like kick-boxing or weight-lifting aren’t even meant to exhaust your muscles, and the risks involved for muscles and joints are extreme.











Abstract Bodyworks Precision Exercise Training can provide exactly the correct stimulus to generate the muscle rebuilding adaptive response. Using carefully controlled protocols, clients fatigue muscles in a safe and effective manner, which turns on the natural muscle building physiological response. And what is even better is that it doesn’t take much time – clients get a total body safe and effective workout in less than 20 minutes.

And because we document all the key aspects of the training (resistance, pace, duration, etc.) clients have indisputable measures of improved fitness. But clients don’t need these figures to know they really are fitter; the tennis or squash game after many years off might not be a pretty sight but you’ll be able to walk the next day, and everyday tasks like picking up your parents’ overstuffed luggage when you meet them from the airport will be surprisingly easy .. you’ll find the day-to-day “exceptional” activities as easy as you remember.

Precision Exercise provides what seems to be an impossibly great offer: exercise that results in measurably better fitness, an expert trainer who creates a workout specially for you, that doesn’t take much time, no more than twice a week, with no special clothing. And no contract so if it doesn’t work for you have no expensive commitments.

What are you going to do with all that free time?​​