Gyms Can Re-reopen in April 2021! (we all hope!!)


OK so we were all closed in March 2020 (how long ago does THAT seem?) and then reopened in late July, only to be closed again in November, and then again in December. Now, after a fantastically successful vaccination programme, and a terrible loss of life, it seems that gyms can re-open again in April 2021 - so that's what we are planning to do!

As with our previous (re)openings we have made some adaptations to the new environment we all find ourselves in:

  • arrive on time, ring the bell and you'll be let in mask on

  • we will do a clean down of the equipment before each client

  • clients are required to wash their hands in one of our toilets before working out

  • any debriefing that needs to take place will be conducted through email or text after the session is over

We were fantastically rewarded with a great number of returnees in July, and again in December, and once again our clients have been straining at the leash to get back to working out with us. In line with our training protocols we will be cranking back the level of effort we expect from out clients, but we know how well and how quickly muscle responds to the great exercise stimulus we provide, so we are expecting great things from them all.

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And beyond that we have received a number of requests from new clients, so we have some first timers joining us too; we hope we can demonstrate how effective our training routines are and how they too can benefit from the best exercise in the world.

Our books are filling up, but not full, so if you want to try us out then we are still offering TWO FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSIONS WITH NO COMMITMENT - so call us and we'll book you in

Abstract Bodyworks® Precision Exercise Newbury is part of a family of personal training facilities in the UK and USA dedicated to one thing - helping our clients live YOUNGER and STRONGER in as little as 15 minutes a week.

Our exercise methods come out of fundamental research carried out in the 1980s by Arthur Jones and later Ken Hutchins. They looked into how ageing occurred and if and how it could be stopped or reversed. They found that the body is perfectly capable of reversing many of the supposedly "natural" consequences of getting old - reduced strength, osteoporosis, increased fat, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, and many more. Through receiving the right stimulus the body will respond by producing more muscle which in turn begins to reverse many "old conditions". Ken went further by helping first Nautilus® and then MedX® develop training equipment that aided this process.


Later, Ellington Darden and Doug McGuff took on more research and developed the approach even further, so that now we can make the following commitment to our clients:


Every private 1to1 Abstract exercise session is designed to create change. In just 15 minutes of proper exercise your body will be stimulated to make a dramatic transformation by adding new lean muscle and stronger bones.  An added benefit is this new muscle will rev up your metabolism helping to shed fat with a proper diet.


Abstract Bodyworks Precision Exercise is located in the heart of Newbury within convenient walking distance of many offices and businesses. Local free parking is available for those that have to drive here. We offer training sessions when our customers book them, so feel free to contact us to arrange a look around or a free consultation during the following times:


  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
    8:00 - 16:00

Training and consultation outside these hours is available upon request.

About Abstract Bodyworks