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Research Paper Published!


September 2014


Our joint research paper with Southampton Solent University has been published in the Journal of Sports Medicine, Volume 2014




If you want to read the whole thing just click

the link above; for those of you with less time

to spare (and at Abstract Bodyworks we know

all about the efficient use of time!)

here's a summary:

33 of our clients' data was analysed by the

university research team who found that all

of them (men/women/younger/older/...)  saw

significant strength benefits from as little as

15 minutes a week exercise for 14 weeks.

Typcal strength gains were in the 35%+ range,

with women making more gains than men

on a number of exercises. As James Fisher,

senior author of the paper and Lecturer at the

University, wrote

"Resistance exercise has been shown to ... reduce the risk of all-cause mortality" and that "the present study suggest resistance exercise can be efficacious in much smaller volumes than previously considered".

What this means to our clients, and to you if you join us, is that you can get fitter and have a more healthy life doing whatever you want to do with as little as 15 minutes of exercise a week!

Developments in Exercise Research
June 2014

Abstract Bodyworks is not a gym - it is the only 1to1 personal fitness training facility dedicated to Supervised Slow Resistance Training in the UK (indeed in EUROPE!). We are committed to ensuring that our exercise protocols deliver real measurable benefits to our clients. We have been giving our clients regular body composition and strength reports from the beginning - it is part of our value added service and allows us to call ourselves PRECISION EXERCISE for good reason.


Now we've taken that story a step further with a collaboration Southampton Solent University. We've teamed up with them to really put our exercise regime to the test; we received permission from most of our clients to provide anonymous training data (age, gender, strength over time, ...) for the University to analyse and create an academic paper on. They've done now and the paper is in review - but some of the initial feedback from research colleagues around the world is "Awesome" (yes, American feedback, but that is OK surely ;-)).


When the paper is published we'll make summary information available - in the meanwhile our clients continue to gain all the benefits of strength, health, and fitness that Abstract Bodyworks provides in all our facilities.

First Successful Year Complete
January 2014

It's hard to believe but we've been open one year - and we're still here!


In order to celebrate we held a party for our clients and their guests on Friday 17 January - just a small affair with a few drinks and nibbles, and the chance for clients to meet each other and share stories. Everyone that came enjoyed it, and all our current members got a few gifts from us to say "thank you" for helping us survive and thrive.


Perhaps the best excuse for us to celebrate was the fact that we've taken on an apprentice! Ian Lay is in the middle of the rigorous training that is required to become an Abstract Bodyworks trainer and is making great progress. He's already working on process and background, and will soon be taking, and no doubt passing, the certification exam - so he can take on some of the growing business.


Thanks to everyone who has tried Abstract Bodyworks Precision Exercise Newbury during our first year - and "hello" to all of you who will try in 2014!

Back from the USA
May 2013

A hectic two weeks in the USA, mostly in Olympia visiting Jeff and in Portland where we first learnt Slow High Intensity Training - and it was as usual a fantasic trip. Socially we had a ball, but I can't go into that here! Practially we had some great time with Jeff and Kathy - some new equipment in the Lacey facility (always!) and some great discussions about some of our clients' needs and limitations. A few new tricks brough into the protocols, the most significant to the greatest number of people

  • Negative Accentuation: this is a protocol modification, particularly useful for the Overhead Press but can be used elsewhere, where the relative strength of the muscle in lifting versus lowering phases are very different. This protocol modification incorporates slightly speedier contraction with the time "made up" on the extension - and it requires it's own special timer!

  • New Abdominal Moves: we've been concerned about some of our clients' ability fully to exploit the Abdominal machine and we had some really great discussion about the physiology of this machine and the human body. We've modified the protocol really to focus in on the Abs - and the change is showing results already

Equipment Upgrades

March 2013

Despite already having the best equipment in the UK we are always looking for ways of making things even better. This month we are doing a couple of upgrades which will enhance the experience and benefit our clients get from their workouts:

  • New Torso Arm Arms - no that isn't a typo; our Torso Arm machine is having it's arms upgraded to the new, improved version; this will assist the more slender client (so no more excuses!) and adds new protocol opportunities which improve focus on the core

  • Updated Pullover - we've already got a modified CAM on the pullover which fits the human strength curve better - now we've fixed the chain attachment to reduce friction to almost nothing - so all the effort you put in is directed completely at improving your muscles

Introductory Sessions

February 2013


At Abstract Bodyworks the first two sessions are always free so that anyone can experience the unique and uniquely effective approach to regaining fitess and strength. These sessions are truely free - no strings attached, no hard sell - just exposure to this fantastic training regime.

We've had well over 20 people make use of this service so far, with a number more scheduled for the next couple of weeks. Not everyone converts into being a client for any number of reasons, but all leave with a much better idea of what real exercise is about.

Come along and find out for yourself - call or email to set up your free sessions