What do our clients get from Abstract Bodyworks?

People come to Abstract Bodyworks for all sorts of reasons. On this page we present a number of stories from some of our clients - perhaps their journey will inspire you to invent a better future for yourself.

Marie’s story.


I started going to yoga classes in the late 1960s, which was the start of my relationship with regular exercise, and in the 1970s was inspired to train as a yoga teacher. This gave me a heightened awareness

of the importance of exercise to wellbeing.


When I moved near to Newbury, I found that my

old friends Pat and Stephen McKinnon were planning

to open Abstract Bodyworks, a new style of gym

that they had found while living in America,

and I became one of their first clients in January 2013.

This was the same year that I turned 70,

and was diagnosed with mild osteoporosis. I felt that

the sort of exercise they offered would be especially

helpful in preventing any further deterioration

and so it has proved.

Now, in 2019, I have been signed off my osteoporosis

medicines because my bone density has actually

improved - a fantastic result for me!. I know that my

muscle tone has also increased because of the

regular reports I receive and I believe I survived and recovered from a serious car accident partly because of the additional strength and muscle I have developed over these six years, getting physiologically younger as I age.

2019 Q3 MarieW.png