One of the key differentiators at Abstract Bodyworks® is the equipment we use; rather than have the client struggle into machines our range of MedX and similar equipment is fully adjustable so that it fits the client, and the client gets the right workout without strain or risk of injury. Also, because clients have booked 1to1 sessions, the equipment is ready when you turn up – no wasted time waiting for the trainer or the training.






















Clients undertake a series of supervised exercises in very slow and controlled manner. This kind of movement has been proved to provide exactly the right kind of stimulus for muscles to (re)gain their maximum natural strength. Slow movements provide other benefits also. The absence of jerkiness massively reduces the forces on your tendons and bones, with all the attendant problems that such forces can bring. And clients don’t get “hot and sweaty”, conditions that are actually indicative of the body in crisis rather than a healthy state.

There is no special workout gear either; any lose fitting clothing, with sensible shoes, is OK. Clients arrive for their booked session, slip on the right shoes, undertake supervised exercises for less than 20 minutes, and leave. Fitting this workout into your lunch hour, before or after work, or even between shopping and the school run, allows this healthy programme into your real life.

And finally we know that it isn’t for how long you exercise, it is how effectively you do it. So in addition to workout sessions not taking more than 20 minutes we don’t want to see you until your muscles have had a chance to recover from the workout and get stronger – 3 or more days later.

What are you going to do with all that free time?