Take a look at our specialized equipment.

We use exclusively SuperSlow®, MedX® and Nautilus® Strength Training Equipement.


In 2017 we were lucky to acquire five pieces of SuperSlow equipment; the Leg Press, Chest Press (Ventral Torso), Overhead Press, Leg Curl, and Leg Extension. Built to designs by Ken Hutchins these machines take the philosophy of "form follows function" to a new level. We'll be providing more information and pictures shortly, but in the mean while why not book a trial session to experience the difference that Abstract Bodyworks exercise can have on overall health and fitness!


MedX and later Nautilus resistance training machines represent the pinnacle of design development for proper exercise. With the ability to fit the client - not the other way round - exercise on these machines can always be completely safe and effective. Over the years Abstract Bodyworks has developed unique protocols to allow our clients to get even more benefit from our workouts.