Giving Back to the Community  


It is hard for us to believe but we celebrated our 7th year in business in August 2019. Over these years we have helped hundreds of local people with our world class exercise routines, and provided over 10,000 personal training sessions - a remarkable milestone.

The saying goes "it is better to give than to receive" and at this anniversary we have been provided with two opportunities to do just that. 

Earlier this year we were approached and asked if we wanted to become the first Corporate Sponsor of the

West Berkshire Community Hospital League of Friends.

We all know what fantastic service this hospital

provides local people, and the League of Friends

supports these services by providing essential

equipment above and beyond what is provided

by the NHS.

We hope people                                                   stay fit and well,

and we provide                                                     training to help

our clients create                                                   a better and

healthier future                                                      for themselves.

When accidents                                                    happen medical

services step in,                                                     and we are 

grateful to be able to support this group that helps individuals that we can't.


On a more immediate note, in common with many local businesses,                                              we were asked to participate in the                                                local Samaritans fundraising and

                                           awareness programme by contributing

                                           a prize to their tombola. Abstract

                                           Bodyworks is great at improving bodies but we leave feelings of isolation to other experts.

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2019 Q3 Community Hospital Logo Transpar

Look at this picture - what do you see?

  Healthy Muscle of a 25 Year Old - you COULD have this  again

  As we age muscle will turn into fat without the proper stimulus - making us more frail and unfit 

The normal observation is "too much fat" - the right one is "so much muscle loss!".


Angel Rippon, in her BBC programme "How To Stay Young" uses this above picture to show how muscles typically age - but this aging is not inevitable. With the correct strength training routines you too can reverse muscle loss and begin to regain the strength and vigour of your youth.


At Abstract Bodyworks that is all we do - for Any Age, Any Body, Any Condition. We have been helping people since 1999 to regain their youthful vigour, and we can help you. With our offer of TWO FREE INTRODUCTORY PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS we can help you understand where you are today in comparison to where you could be, so call us (07450915462 or 01635551656) or eMAIL us at to schedule a consultation and free work outs, and take a look at our training facility to learn how we can help you to get stronger and fitter!

About Abstract Bodyworks


Abstract Bodyworks® Precision Exercise Newbury is part of a family of personal training facilitiesin the USA and UK dedicated to one thing - to help our clients live younger and stronger in as little as 15 minutes a week.


Our exercise methods come out of fundamental research carried out in the 1980s by Arthur Jones and later Ken Hutchins. They looked into how aging occurred and if and how it could be stopped or reversed. They found that the body is perfectly capable of reversing many of the supposedly "natural" consequences of getting old - reduced strength, osteoporosis, increased fat, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, and many more. Through receiving the right stimulus the body will respond by producing more muscle which in turn begins to reverse many "old conditions". Ken went further by helping first Nautilus® and then MedX® develop training equipment that aided this process.


Later, Ellington Darden and Doug McGuff took on more research and developed the approach even further, so that now we can make the following commitment to our clients:


Every private one on one Abstract exercise session is designed to create change. In just 15 minutes of proper exercise your body will be stimulated to make a dramatic transformation by adding new lean muscle and stronger bones.  An added benefit is this new muscle will rev up your metabolism helping to shed fat with a proper diet.


Abstract Bodyworks Precision Exercise is located in the heart of Newbury within convenient walking distance of many offices and businesses. Local free parking is available for those that have to drive here. We offer training sessions when our customers book them, sofeel free to contact us to arrange a look around or a free consultation during the following times:


  • MORNINGS Monday through Friday
                                   8:00 - 13:00

  • AFTERNOONS: Wednesday
                     15:30 - 18:30 (last session 18:10)

                     9:00 - 12:00 (last session 11:40)

Training and consultation outside these hours is available upon request.