Another day - another 15 minutes of S2MART(r)

Exercise. Different trainer but the same, consistent,

training from all the qualified trainers. And below

check out Louisa's progress chart; in only 18 sessions

she is more than 110% of her starting Leg Press strength, and a staggering 150% on hamstrings, shoulders and lats

8 Dec: Louisa and Stephen discuss how she is finding exercising at Abstract Bodyworks Newbury and what benefits she is experiencing

27 Nov: Louisa undertakes a BIG5+1 with Ian training her - 15 minutes on the dot for all her exercises, and her heart and lungs are fully engaged in the process too!

The beginning: Louisa has been training with us for just a couple of weeks

Louisa prefers to train in more traditional "workout gear" but that isn't required at Abstract Bodyworks. The cool environment with great air circulation keeps everybody in the right condition to focus on the one thing that you should be doing at an exercise facility - getting stronger and fitter! But one thing about Louisa's exercise is common to all the clients at Abstract Bodyworks - 15 minutes is all it takes to get the complete, healthy, full body work out that makes measured improvements in strength, health and fitness for everyone