Abstract Bodyworks® UK is proud to announce that we

 have obtained a collection of new exercise machines

whose design and implementation is based on

the recently developed theory of mechanotherapy.

Working closely with the researchers into the theory,

and with the developers of the machines,

we can now offer exercise routines and protocols

that will help all people, of all ages and

all physical conditions, to improve their health – or as the British Journal of Sports Medicine puts it “the employment of mechanical means to cure disease”.

Fundamental research has led to a number of realizations about how the body works, and how the “disease” of aging is actually

more accurately characterised as a reversible change

in the body due to changes in activity levels and diet.

Initially, research on injured bodies showed that

loading the muscular structures could accelerate

recovery, in muscle, tendon, and bone. Further

work showed that even with “healthy” bodies,

getting people to move heavy loads in controlled

conditions could lead to a reverse of muscular atrophy (called hypertrophy) and a general up regulation of the metabolism, including mechanogrowth factor (MGF), insulin regulation, and increased range of motion.

Having secured a number of these wonderful machines we wish to make them available to the good                                                           people of Newbury. As can be seen in the                                                                         daguerreotypes, both ladies and gentlemen, young                                                         and old, can use them with ease and discretion.                                                               Our fully qualified trainers ensure the client is fitted                                                      to the machines for maximum comfort and                                                        safety, and the exercises are conducted in discrete and                                                    non-distracting conditions to ensure maximum                                                              benefit. One further bonus of this particular form of exercise is that the client may wear their everyday clothes; clients do not need to change from their promenade costumes, and they will not experience the heat and consequential perspiring conditions of some health clinics.

Please contact us today using Mr Bell’s wonderful new telephonic equipment to arrange your two trial sessions and this exclusive new personal health and training facility, the only one in the UK!


Look at this picture - what do you see?

The normal observation is "too much fat" - the right one is "so much muscle loss!".


Angel Rippon, in her BBC programme "How To Stay Young" uses this above picture to show how muscles typically age - but this aging is not inevitable. With the correct strength training routines you too can reverse muscle loss and begin to regain the strength and vigour of your youth.


At Abstract Bodyworks that is all we do - for Any Age, Any Body, Any Condition. We have been helping people since 1999 to regain their youthful vigour, and we can help you. The first step on this path is to find out where you currently are - so why not take advantage of our FREE BODY COMPOSITION CHECKUP. eMAIL us at pe.newbury@gmail.com and schedule a time for one of our opendays, where you can look at our training facility, ask your questions, and learn how you can begin to get stronger and fitter!

Mike Sheridan fastest man again!

For the second year in a row Mike Sheridan has topped his age group in the London Marathon. Mike is an incredible, dedicated, runner and puts in all the right running skill training required to be an elite sportsman - but even with all that dedication Mike realized that he could benefit from additional strength, especiall in his core. We at Abstract Bodyworks put together a special training routine for him, working round his running practice and his races, and the rest is, as they say, history. Congratulations Mike - and we hope we can help you stay at the top of your group for years to come.

About Abstract Bodyworks


Abstract Bodyworks® Precision Exercise Newbury is part of a family of personal training facilitiesin the USA and UK dedicated to one thing - to help our clients live younger and stronger in as little as 15 minutes a week.


Our exercise methods come out of fundamental research carried out in the 1980s by Arthur Jones and later Ken Hutchins. They looked into how aging occurred and if and how it could be stopped or reversed. They found that the body is perfectly capable of reversing many of the supposedly "natural" consequences of getting old - reduced strength, osteoporosis, increased fat, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, and many more. Through receiving the right stimulus the body will respond by producing more muscle which in turn begins to reverse many "old conditions". Ken went further by helping first Nautilus® and then MedX® develop training equipment that aided this process.


Later, Ellington Darden and Doug McGuff took on more research and developed the approach even further, so that now we can make the following commitment to our clients:


Every private one on one Abstract exercise session is designed to create change. In just 15 minutes of proper exercise your body will be stimulated to make a dramatic transformation by adding new lean muscle and stronger bones.  An added benefit is this new muscle will rev up your metabolism helping to shed fat with a proper diet.


Abstract Bodyworks Precision Exercise is located in the heart of Newbury within convenient walking distance of many offices and businesses. Local free parking is available for those that have to drive here. We offer training sessions when our customers book them, and feel free to contact us to arrange a look around or a free consultation during the following times:


  • MORNINGS Monday through Friday
                                   8:00 - 13:00

  • AFTERNOONS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
                     15:30 - 18:30 (last session 18:10)
    Friday      15:30 - 17:00 (last session 16:40)

                 between 9:00 - 12:00

Training and consultation outside these hours is available upon request.