Abstract Newbury gets a new Trainer!

We are overjoyed to announce that David Allen has qualified as a trainer with Abstract Bodyworks. In record time David has learnt all the manual and technical skills required by us, and gone through a grueling theoretical study of muscle atrophy and hypertrophy, how our machines work and a host of other things. David has been a client of ours since late 2013 so know very well the kind of effort we require from our clients - now he has the opportunity to get his own back! David will start providing training immediately, initially on the BIG5 but we hope soon to bring him up to speed on all our machies and protocols

Many people don't associate distance running and strength training  but Jenny & Mike show this isn't the case: strong muscles, and improved muscular and cardio-vascular stamina, allow runners to dig deeper when the need arises - and both have found that recovery time is also shortened.

Marathon Running & Strength Training!


Two of our clients took part in the London Marathon on 26 April 2015 and both achieved personal bests. Jenny Eaton had a target of 3:25 and broke that easily, coming in at 3:20 and 20th in the entire field in her agegroup. But the greater praise goes to Mike Sheridan who ran his best ever time, 2:57, and came in fastest man in his age group, beating second fastest by 10 minutes!


There is no area of physical activity that isn't improved by being stronger and fitter - but having the fastest marathon runner in the UK as one of our clients is a real feather in our cap! Well done Mike & Jenny!

Louisa Maher - 18 sessions in and so much stronger!


Louisa has now concluded 18 training sessions with us,

or 4 1/2 hours in real time terms, and is making amazing

progress. In only two months she has reversed half a year's

muscle loss, and has shed almost one whole year's fat gain,

making her that much physiologically younger than when she started.

But more important to Louisa is how she feels, and how this improved

strength and body composition helps in her preparation for this daunting

climb. Watch the short video below for her assessment, then click here to

see her latest 15 minute workout with Pat the boss!